Do These Stripes Make Me Look Political? - Ramona Otto

Short Documentary - 4 Minutes


“When I grew up on a farm in Iowa in the 1950s, the American flag was a powerful symbol. I remember the pride we all felt when leading the daily Pledge of Allegiance at Washington #4, the country school a mile from my house…Today, it is often difficult for people to listen to and understand one another. I am nostalgic for conversations that end with a smile and ‘Let’s agree to disagree'". - Ramona Otto

Ramona Otto

Artist Ramona Otto  - Do These Stripes Make Me Look Political?

Based in Los Angeles, Otto is known for her assemblage art sculptures and pieces made from found objects including toys, tiles, vintage jewelry, charms, ceramic fragments, tin scraps, postage stamps, concert tickets, keys, and other trinkets and ephemera. 

"American Dream"

American Dream by Ramona Otto

Collage of images created by Editor / Director Roberto Ferreira