Doctor Puppet

doctor puppet episodes - Season I - Episodes 1 to 6

Coming Out

Alex Wood as Cameron in Doctor Puppet episode 1 Season 1 (pilot).

In the Season Premiere, Doctor Puppet (Roberto Ferreira) helps a young man, Cameron (Alex Wood) to find his true self.

Luke, I'm Your Mother

Erika Ellis playing Robin on Doctor Puppet Season I Episode 2

A single-mother finds herself frustrated when her son suddenly stops talking to her. Assuming that there's something wrong with him, she contacts Doctor Puppet, even though she doesn't know where or who the real problem is.

Who's Afraid of Bungo?

Drew Berg playing Paul on Doctor Puppet Season I Episode 3

Relationships are hard! It becomes a lot harder when the communication fails and understanding goes down the drain. 

The Leader of the Pack

Kristi Wirz plays Wendy on Doctor Puppet Season I Episode 4

A mother on the verge of a nerves breakdown contacts Doctor Puppet hoping he will teach a moral lesson to her children through a puppet show.

Andy or Leia?

Chase McCown plays Marlon on Doctor Puppet Season I Episode 5

In the entertainment industry anything can happen, even becoming the personal assistant of someone you helped in the past.

She's Out of Control

Lauren Liebowitz playing Debra on Doctor Puppet Season I Episode 6

From mere confusion to matters that seem really big, a teenage girl and her mother don't seem to understand each other.